January 27, 2012

Nicki Minaj Inspired Nails


I did this nails for an OPI contest which finished last week. The theme of the contest was based on four Nicki Minaj dresses and the contestants have to choose one. I did not win in fact I got very few votes. 
For this, I chose the Nicki Minaj's dress the one she wore for Victoria's Secret show. You can see the dress at the bottom of the page.

I started by applying 2 coats of Wet N Wild White Cream. After that I sponged my nails based on the colors of  her dress and drew other random figures from her dress. Just for little shimmer I added one coat of OPI's Heart of Gold. I chose her Victoria's Secret fashion show dress because it was full of colors and that's what I wanted on my nails too. 

Items Used: 
Base Coat: Seche Clear
Polish: Wet N Wild White Cream (2 coats) and OPI Heart of Gold (1 coat)
Top Coat: Seche Vite
Others: Acrylic Paints (Blue, Orange, White, Black, Red, Yellow, and Green).

I will appreciate any suggestions or comments.

Thanks for looking.

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