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If you have tried to create your own nail polish then you understand the frustration of the bleeding and melting glitters. I have spend countless hours and a lot of money in this process as well. After further research I have decided to sell these miraculous solvent resistant glitters. I have tested each and every glitter for more than 2 months before putting it in my shop. You can check my shop by clicking FRANKEN SUPPLIES

At present I only ship within Unites States. However, I will make exception for my international readers. So email me if you do not reside in United States and would like to buy the glitters.

*It is not possible to test all of our glitters in every possible suspension base so please buy samples to make sure that the glitter works well in the suspension base you are using. Some of the glitter do curl especially the large sizes in metallic finish. 

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If you need more information about frankening or about the glitters in my shop you can email me at

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