January 18, 2012

Found my Candy Store!


I wanted to post this haul earlier but never got a chance to post it. I was at home last month and was randomly searching for cheap nail polishes and came across a shop at San Jose which sells the nail polishes and nail products at a very good price. Frankly I was not expecting much as I had similar experiences like this in the past. I thought maybe some random polishes. When I entered the store I was overwhelmed with the quantity of polishes the store carried. They also have a lot of other nail relating stuff.

I know it is like a teaser for all the people not living in California Bay Area. The name of the shop is US Nail Supply and it is located in San Jose. They carry a lot of brands of polishes like OPI, Zoya, Essie, China Glaze, Orly, CND, Color Club, Seche Vite, Gelish and couple of other brands.

How much do they sell for?
Hold you breath...

OPI -> $4.25
Zoya -> $4
Essie -> $3.50
Orly -> $3.75
China Glaze -> $3 (If you buy 10 bottles then $2.75 per bottle)

They also had 32 Oz of Zoya Remove+ for $18 and 16 Oz of Posh Top coat and a lot of other good stuff.

These are some of the items I brought from them. I am definitely going back to this shop when I go to my parents home at the end of the semester.

Left: 2mm Rhinestones; Right: Mixed Rhinestones

Top to Bottom: Cheryl, Lo, Julieanne

Clock-wise: Steel-ing the Scene, Sand Tropez, School of Hard Rocks, and Mink Muffs

Left: OPI Jade is the New Black; Right: CG Paper Chasing

OPI Base coat and Top coat

Seche Vite Top coat and CND Base coat

This 6 Oz. cuticle remover for only $2.

Straight edge nail clipper for $2 and then I also brought some Size 2 acrylic nails for .50 cents per bag ( 50 nails in each bag).

I will appreciate any suggestions or comments.

Thanks for looking

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