July 10, 2012

Review: Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate CK-02


I received this stamping plate in April, but I was so busy with my school that I never got a chance to review or use this plate. I was very excited when Born Pretty store contacted me to review their products and asked me to choose one of their item. I had been eyeing these stamping plates for a really long time so it seemed like a perfect opportunity and I chose 42 pattern Stamping Plate CK-02.

The plate comes covered in a blue plastic cover (similar to the bundle monster blue cover). The cover is easy to remove. You must take out this cover before using this stamping plate. The plate is very sturdy and has a backing like most stamping plates. The designs are very nicely engraved.

However, I was really disappointed when I first looked at the designs. Don't get me wrong the designs are very pretty but it was the size of the designs that was bothering me. Just by looking at it I could say that the designs were small. Just to make sure how small they were I took out my scale and started measuring. I also compared the design of the Konad image plate for the reference. 

The dimension of the Born Pretty store stamp is about little over an inch in length and 1 inch in breadth.

The dimension of the Konad stamp is 1.5 inches in length and a little over an inch in breadth. This difference doesn't look much but when you try to stamp it on your nails you can clearly see the difference. 

I stamped some of the designs from the Born Pretty store stamping plate and one design from the Konad plate. The center (C) design is from the Konad plate M65. Number 1 and 3 designs are some of  the biggest designs in the Born Pretty Stamping plate and you can clearly see that they are smaller than the Konad image. Number 2 and 4 are some of the smaller designs in the Born Pretty Stamping plate which are comparatively much smaller than the Konad image. For reference, number 2 and 4 designs just covered my pinkie finger.

Overall I am really disappointed with these stamping plates. The plates are sturdy and nicely engraved but I will not buy any of the CK plates because the designs on them are really small. These plates might come in handy if you want to stamp some of these designs on a little girl.

You can buy these stamping plate at Born Pretty store and here is the link for CK-02. These retail for $8.53.

I will appreciate any suggestions or comments.

Thanks for looking.

*This stamping plate was sent to me for review by Born Pretty Store.


  1. I heard a little time ago that these stampingplates were smaller than the Konad ones.. It's such a shame that these plates are too small, because the plates are really cute!..

    1. That's exactly what I thought. Born Pretty could have sold a lot of these plates if the designs could have been little bigger because they are selling it at an awesome price.